What is NIN Society

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What is NIN Society

Post  Admin on Sat May 01, 2010 2:23 am

A new revolution

We know and hear about lots of social service organisations. Their main function is completely centralized with some activities like orphan service,legal service,consumer service etc. But NIN is entirely different from other conventional organisations. Because NIN is not centralized with any activity, it is going to do all the activities, which are needed by the society. How it is possible by an organisation to provide a service in all aspects! It is highly possible because, NIN alone is not going to do this process but the entire society.

Our Main motto is to make all the elements of the society to get involved in the serving process.

Our Works

NIN is not going to do any work on its own. It is going to link "the people who need the help and the people who provide that help". Likewise NIN is going to serve as a bridge between the two extremes of the society.


In this world all the persons are providers of help and all the persons are needed with some help. So the ideology of the society purely depends on the man to man principle. Without one, one cannot survive. So everyone should give their contribution to the society on their own way. Your contribution may be anything ie. Social,legal,orphan,education etc.

NIN can provide any service to the society through the elements of the society.


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